Friday, November 10

favorite nars eyeshadow duos.

top: isolde - kalahari     bottom: kuala lumpur - st. paul de vence 

This duo is my all time favorite nars duo even though I pretty much only wear it in autumn and winter time. It's something I always look forward to when the days are getting colder. It' makes the perfect golden eye and goes perfectly with every outfit!

This duo was my very first nars duo and when I first opened it up I thought why did I just spend 35$ on those boooring and average brown colors? But ever since those colors have touched my eyelids for the first time I loved this duo so much!
It's the perfect color for an everyday nude eye in summer or a nice warm eye make up in winter time. Definitely worth the money!

This duo I bought as a 'dupe' for my estee lauder raisins duo which was my all time favorite eyeshadow duo for a very long time.. It's not a perfect dupe but still a lovely duo that I love a lot. I wear it all year around for special occasions due to the golden glitter in the darker shade.

This duo I is perfect for everyday wear! The pigmentation is not as extreme as in the other duos but still very nice! It's a lovely sheer orangey brown duo which looks great on my green eyes. I wear this in winter time because it doesn't really show up when I'm tanned.

I know nars duo eyeshadows are crazy expensive (17.50$ for one eyeshadow?! seriously nars?) and obviously there are a lot of good eyeshadows for way less out there, but in my opinion they're definitely worth the money.
The pigmentation is insane, they go on and blend beautifully, there is no fallout, you don't need more than the two colors to create a full eye look, and they last on my eyes like no other eyeshadows (even without an eye primer).
And even though I own so many gorgeous eyeshadow palettes as well I reach for those so much. They're just so easy to use, no need to decide what colors to use (since there are only two, duh!) and since they're so small they're so handy to travel with.

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  1. This is a really useful post! I have never bought any of Nars' eyeshadows duos but I'm very tempted now haha! The first 2 look look great for everyday wear but I also love the sort of burgundy colour of the Kuala Lumpur duo :) x